The Day I Discovered EVERYONE Will Buy an iPad

Forget the fact the iPad sounds like a feminine hygiene product. They. Are. Cool.

BUY ONE! they're cooool

In passing conversation today at work, it dawned on me- everyone will own an iPad because of its inescapable coolness. I realized this as I spoke to “H”, an ex-military co-worker of mine (hence my constant references to “This is America”. You gotta know how to appeal to your audience.)

J: You want an Apple iPad!

H: No I don’t.

J: Now! You want an Apple iPad now!

H: No. I don’t.

J: It’ll be your portable porn portal!

H: My phone is that already.

J: Yeah, but this is faster. And bigger! This is America! Bigger is always better!

H: Why would I want that? I have a computer. And a cell phone. Why would I want something between that?

J: Cos there’s a hole there! A big hole between your phone and your computer.

H: I’m not getting one; I don’t want that.

J: Hear that? That’s the sound of derisive wind blowing through the hole. Whoooooo

H: I’ll spend my money on something way better than that.

J: Like one law school book? Which iPad would you get, the cheap one? That’s the one I’d get.

H: No way, I’d spend it on…

J: You’ll have one in law school. I’ll call you and you’ll say “there’s a Black’s Law Dictionary app!”

H: Absolutely not.

J; But they’re so cool!

H: You kids and your “cool” stuff.

J: America’s all about cool!

H: Whatever.

J: Like sunglasses! Steve McQueen!

H walks away

J:  James Dean!

My PhotoShop skillz are unrivaled



~ by JGLW on May 25, 2010.

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