World Cup Ads!!!

"I fookin 'ate PIKEYS!" - every character in Snatch except Brad Pitt

Like a fat and/or European person watching the Super Bowl, I too absolutely love and look forward to all the ads that spring up around World Cup time.

Here are some diamonds, and maybe a rough or two, along with my favorite part(s) listed:

Favorite part: pretty much the whole damn thing, this could be the best ad ever. Have to go for Rooney whoopin Federer at ping-pong and pikey-bearded Rooney.

Fav: “ not for me, on the sthirt!” bahaha

Fav: gotta be the Banksy-style pic of Sir Bobby, doesn’t it? This makes me feel as proud/patriotic (for England) as countless WWII movies and a packed stadium with the Star Spangled Banner playing makes me glad to be from the best country on Earth (America).

Fav: prob my least favorite commercial, pretty heavy on the cheese. Funniest part is Messi lost in the long grass and the lion (tiger? rabid band of meerkats?) growl. Also: Akon reminds me of every bad ringtone on the planet.

Fav: KELLY. BROOK. fwwaaar. Um, I mean, Scottish legend Kenny Dalglish cheering “USA USA USA!”


Fav: The Japanese (pretty sure) jumping over the ad board. And Roger Milla- he was THIRTY-EIGHT when he scored that winner.

All for now



~ by JGLW on May 27, 2010.

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