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Blessed with good timing,  I caught Directv’s Channel 101 show where Radiohead played “Live in Studio”. (I know, I know- I’ll quit with the Radiohead posts…when they quit being bloody GENIUS…)

I only saw the last song, “Where I End and You Begin”, from Hail to the Thief. One thing that has always struck me about their live performances is how good they are when compared to their albums. Anyone can make a record; quality shows when you play live. The beginning of this track is a great example of the band’s unorthodox sounds wrenched out of guitars/computers/Gandalf wizard boxes. And how much the bass player, Colin Greenwood, gets into it. Enjoy.



Barca Beaten, act like children

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I'm Special. The Special One. Suck it?

So the almighty Barcelona were defeated in a two-legged Champions League tie. Niiiice. Manchester United’s nemesis, “the Special One”, Jose Mourinho, knocked the ambassadors of “the beautiful game” off their pedestal. His Inter Milan team won 3-1 at home and lost 1-0 at Barcelona. (winning the double-header 3-2, c’mon people.)

And it couldn’t be sweeter. I only enjoy this because A) they beat us in last year’s final and B) they are TERRIBLE losers, and I kinda like laughing at that.

They can complain about Inter “parking the bus” in front of the goal, but who wouldn’t after Sergio Busquet’s extra-flamboyant play-acting that led to an Inter player’s red card? If my team is a man down, my ass is defending. First of all, Sergy baby, you don’t act like someone shot you in the face to get the guy red carded; it was a push in the face, and your reaction only helps ig’nant fools in this country believe you play a gay sport. If all a Yank sees of a soccer game is Sergy go down like prom date after getting a love tap (not a punch), then he can only conclude that sh1t’s weak.

Mamma mia! We a-beata Barcelona-a!

Barca also didn’t have to turn the sprinklers on so damn soon after the end of the match. I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened had Barca won, noooo. But it really didn’t matter to the Inter players celebrating; it probably just cooled them off. And I’m sure readers of Kickette loved it, what with their white shirts and all…

Actually, I bet a lot of Barca players read Kickette. They won’t like this…

NomNomNom / Waaaah!


(my girlfriend reads Kickette. So that’s how I know about it…)
After writing this, I found video of Barca’s graceless goalkeeper trying to stop the Special One celebrating. He fails.

Radiohead Covers

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okThere are some really good Radiohead covers to be found on YouTube.

One group, Amnesiac Quartet, is comprised of some talented French jazz artists. They do a wicked cover of “I Might Be Wrong”, which I posted on my old blog. This video is a cover of “Pyramid Song” and then the beginning of “I Might Be Wrong”…

Another group (posting under the name Radionetta) appears to be some young Spanish-speaking classical musicians. They have quite a few covers, my favorites are their covers of “Knives Out” and the high-octane “Paranoid Android”. I know classical covers of Radiohead pare probably the most common kind out there, but I just can help but smile when I watch these guys; their enthusiasm and joy when playing are infectious!


Double Pursuit

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Why two music video’s for “pursuit of Happiness ft. MGMT” ? You’d have to ask CuDi, or his PR people…

Not sure which I prefer, the first one has cameos by Drake and I think Collie Buddz…

The second has some good camera work, but I’m not sure if it makes me dizzy…

Any preferences? Is one way better than the other? Discuss

KiD CuDi with the beat by MGMT


Cudi Commercial

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Seen the new Viatmin Water commercials? They feature KiD CuDi’s “Pursuit of Happines” (ft. MGMT) remixed by Steve Aoki….

and good job Vitamin Water reps acknowledging probably half your fan base gets wrecked on the weekend.

They might’ve well said “Potassium, stops hangover shakes. Like bananas! Get some!”

or something…


(new posts from the better half coming soon, I’m sure, as soon as he “settles in” at his new crib in D.C.)

Spot on

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anyone who knows both these tunes, be blown away.


Fresh Political Idea

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Much more popular than the neighbor's, 8 Downing Street

With a General Election fast approaching in England, the writers of The Office and HBO’s Extras, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were asked what would THEY do if they were Prime Minister. What follows is a refreshingly open and progressive standpoint, taking  an honest look at how we need more of something in our lives. President Obama would do well to examine a policy such as this, one that an entire nation would collectively get behind. Mr. Merchant succinctly concludes:

Change to believe in, indeed.